"soup maker cauliflower soup"

Welcome to my heavenly creamy cauliflower soup in the soup maker. Now in my world this is the tastiest soup you are ever going to get. Especially if you are one of for the cream like me! But just because you like cream doesn’t mean it has to be full of

"leftover soup recipe"

Welcome to my ultimate leftover soup in the soup maker. For the month of January the recipe theme is all about soup and more in particular soup in my amazi

"Broccoli soup"

Welcome to my soup maker cream of broccoli soup. I have always loved broccoli soup, so it is no wonder that on day 2 of a month of recipes that I am sharin

"soup maker butternut squash and leek soup"

Welcome to my soup maker butternut squash and leek soup. There are a lot of people out there that don’t eat potatoes. They just not to because of food allergies, low carb diets or simply because they don’t like them. But butternut squash can become a fant

Morphy Richards soup maker spicy parsnip soup review recipe

Spicy Parsnip Soup

"soup maker recipe"

Welcome to my healthy carrot and ginger soup maker soup. Up until today I had never tried carrot and ginger soup but had always wanted to.