ideas for self build

all the ideas I find while looking around the web to perhaps feature in the home that I WILL build one day!
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the building is made out of wood and has glass walls on it's sides
Port Melbourne Football Club Sporting and Community Facility by k20 Architecture
The project delivers a new sports facility and cultural hub for Port Melbourne Football Club. It includes new administration facilities for the club manageme...
an empty room with a large wooden door
Design Detail - Oversized Disk Shaped Door Handle
Great Design Detail on this door - Oversized Disk Shaped Door Handle
an image of a wall made out of wood planks and cement tiles with hexagonal pattern
Parquet massif artisanal - Atelier des Granges
hexagon oak parquet floor
a room with wood paneling and two windows overlooking the trees in the distance is shown
birch panels
an open kitchen and dining area with a pool in the background
glass and stone