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a small wooden stool with two legs and a seat on the bottom, sitting against a white background
our take on a childs stool
an empty room with blue and white painted on the walls, wood flooring and two windows
formica and birch ply fitted dressing area
a living room with a plant in the corner and a round mirror on the wall
our envi mirror and sideberg
an oval glass table with metal legs
Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro's Furniture Collection
10 points if you can name the designer ;)
a wooden cutting board with a knife in it's blade on a white surface
a small black elephant shaped object on a wooden table
a white dresser sitting next to a cross on the wall in a room with wooden floors trinity chest and wardrobe
a mirror with some cut out trees on it
a white light switch on a white background
switch salt pepper
the shelves are made out of wood and have red vases on them
3x3 by SOAP
the work bench is being worked on by some woodworkers and their tools are ready to be used
My soldiers