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Hands holding a smartphone open on the Instagram account of social media experts, Social Progress.  A blue text box is placed over the image with bold text reading '10 Instagram Ideas for your Business'. Instagram, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Content, Marketing, Business, Insight, Progress, 10 Things
10 Instagram Reel Ideas for Your Business
Stuck for ideas on what to make Instagram Reels about? Our 10 Instagram Reel Ideas for Your Business have you covered! If you're looking for reel inspiration, look no further.
Bright yellow graphic with bold text reading 'What should I post on Instagram stories?' Below the text is the top half of a mobile phone, displaying an Instagram feed with Instagram story circles along the top. Inspiration, Instagram Story, Blog, Post
What should I post on Instagram Stories?
Struggling for ideas on what to post on your Instagram stories? Look no further! In this blog post, we share what Instagram stories are, why they're so important, where to find inspiration for content, and highlight some of our favourite Instagram Stickers. #Instagram #InstagramStory #InstagramStories
Photograph of someone holding a mobile phone to film an Instagram Reel.  Behind the phone are Instagram and Instagram Reel icons in the background, with title text overlayed to read 'HOW TO CREATE AN INSTAGRAM REEL'. The logo of Huddersfield-based social media firm, Social Progress is in the bottom corner. Learning, Instagram Followers, Create
Learn how to create an Instagram Reel in our step-by-step blog
Our extensive blog post gives a full step-by-step guide to capturing, editing, and publishing an Instagram Reel, from your mobile. We cover built-in Instagram Reel tools, as well as some tips straight from the Social Progress team. Start engaging your Instagram followers with Reels today!