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Meet social media experts, Social Progress!
Get to know Team SoPro as we each share our favourite parts of the day job here at Social Progress. And we promise, not ALL of them are cake/food related..!
We are Social Progress! Here are our core values...
Here at Social Progress our core values are key, and they are part of everything we do. It’s important to us that clients and partners we work with also fit with our values, in order to keep our brand strong and sincere, so here are the values we live by: 😇 We work with honesty 💙 We work with integrity 🙌 We are proud of what we do 🔥 We have passion for the Social Progress brand 🌍 We are mindful of our impact on people and planet 🤪 We have fun! WE ARE SOCIAL PROGRESS!
Upping our Instagram Reel game and having a laugh at SoPro HQ
At Social Progress, we believe it's important to move with the times and keep on top of social media trends, but equally important to have fun while doing it!