Apricot-Almond Cobbler

Apricot-Almond Cobbler

Apricot-Almond Cobbler Cobbler is a fruit dessert with a thick top layer of crust. In this version of the classic, spiced apricot wedges are arranged atop a toasted-almond batter. Baking puffs up the cake, so only bits of fruit peek through.

Condensed Milk Cake.

Condensed Milk Cake: This is a very easy & light cake. 1 can condensed, sweetened milk gm) 4 Eggs 1 cup Flour gm) Teaspoon Baking powder 50 gm melted Butter Bake 40 minutes or less at 325

Puffed lemon curd tart

Got a jar of lemon curd lying around in the cupboard? Use it up by making this super-tangy, super-tasty tart

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Banana Bread

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Banana Bread (approx 5 Pts+ based on 16 slices; 6 pts+ based on 14 slices)

Chocolate, toffee and peanut squares

Rachel Allen& recipe for chocolate and toffee peanut squares couldn& be easier. Top a simple shortbread with a toffee sauce, peanuts and melted chocolate and leave to set - simple!

Caramel cakes

These caramel cakes with condensed milk, white chocolate and shortbread biscuits are a quick and easy bake your friends will love. Get the recipe: Caramel cakes

Very berry chocolate tray bake

Very berry chocolate tray bake

You can use fresh or frozen raspberries in this triple-tested very berry chocolate tray bake from Essentials magazine. Serve with whipped cream if you're having it for pud.Get the recipe: Very berry chocolate tray bake