Mini Mushroom Tarts. So yummy and so EASY!

Mini Mushroom Tarts I'm immediately drawn to these recipes with bread and cheese.and mushrooms!

Kelly Hoppen for Regal Homes @ Circus Road

beautiful gloss white kitchen - stunning lighting and accessories - Kelly Hoppen for Regal Homes @ Circus Road…

Elle Interior

This bright yellow window-frame provides such a vibrant pop of colour, the whole room will feel put together and complete! This would go especially nicely in a simple, all white room with a few other matching yellow accents-stunning!

Kelly Hoppen for Regal Homes @ Circus Road

I love the luxury high end feel this textured brown wall gives this bathroom! - Luxury Homes

Feng Shui .. The basic bagua.

Want to learn more about Feng Shui colors and how to use them in your home? In this lens I will teach you how to create good Feng Shui using a color bagua to help you gain prosperity and peace in your life. You wil also learn how to use a Feng.

Kelly Hoppen's London house

Persian rug, enhanced by floor level indirect lighting, creates a nice contrast to contemporary kitchen (Kelly Hoppen)