Solange Menezes

Solange Menezes

Wonderland / Love reading, love food, love pink, love fashion, love drawing and everyday I start loving even more things and things more!!! <3 :P
Solange Menezes
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somebody else the 1975 - YouTube

but im picturing ur body with somebody else

Grimes - Art Angels

Grimes - Art Angels Grimes latest LP cements her status as an inventive and highly uniqe artist with an infectious mix of dream pop, electro, dance and indie rock. Maybe not quite as satisfying.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn.  If I wasn't on holiday, I would be lying in bed reading this cover to cover-amazing!  Beyond excited for the Fincher big screen remake!!!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn--- Amazing twists in this book! I can't wait to crucify the movie later this year:-D

Warrant - Cherry Pie <3...... i like this except for the "she is" part at the beginning.. it's "she's" lol

Warrant - Cherry Pie like this song so much. It may seem to have a dirty meaning but it still has a nice beat and rhythm.

Unfinished Business ~ White Lies Day 8

Unfinished Business ~ White Lies Day 8

The thing about music…(gif)

The thing about music…(gif) Turn up the music, tune out the world