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CDs in 8 panel digipaks - with upto 4 discs | Disc Wizards UK

CDs in custom 8 panel digipaks with CD replication and can hold upto 4 trays and 4 discs

CDs in 4-Panel CD-Style Digipaks

CDs in 4-Panel CD-Style Digipaks

DVD in #4-panel self Mailer Jacket - Four-Panel Self Mailer #Jackets for #DVD

DVD in self Mailer Jacket - Four-Panel Self Mailer for

4 Panel CD / DVD Jackets: 4 panel CD/ DVD jackets typically contain 3 to 4 DVDs or CDs in individual sleeves with 8 surfaces available for printing. These panels, when packed, are folded on top of one another to form a sleek, single panel, and further options can be used to customize the look and layout of the jacket design. PrintCosmo offers custom design printing as well as design assistance and advice, which is provided free of additional costs to ensure a smooth, error free design.

If you are looking for an astounding way to grab the attention of your potential buyers CD jackets can be a viable source to do that.

4 Panel CD Jackets Printing - offering 4 panel CD jackets printing in standard 5 sizes with free designing.

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4 Panel CD Lancing Pack

A Lancing Pack is a card wallet with a flap acting like a booklet that contains a CD or DVD pocket.