Plastics: 700 years to decompose

It takes plastic water bottles 700 years to decompose. Switch today to a filtered water bottle and convert your tap water into pure water.

Turtle entangled in marine debris (ghost net)

Remove ‘Ghost Fishing’ Nets that entangle marine life and cause the death of these animals.

Aya Haidar — Drooel

Aya Haidar, The Stitch is Lost Unless the Thread is Knotted, i used this as inspiration to adding some text to the weavings. I had the idea of joining three tapestries together through trailing thread between them.

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We learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in class. we are trying to use less plastic to keep ocean animals safe! With Earth Day coming up, we'll be making more posters about how to help our planet.

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Dispose wisely Because someone else is paying for our mistakes. Avoid using plastics, And if you must, dispose of them properly. Plastics are a great threat to our environment.