Presidents Medals: Ark Umeda: Urban Metabolism In Osaka

Love the rendering look_conceptual presentation_Presidents Medals: Ark Umeda: Urban Metabolism In Osaka - Great two point perspective; love this type of spot rendering

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reminds me of Dali. architecture sections | DAN SLAVINSKYA SERIES OF DRAWINGS FROM THE END OF TIME BARTLETT ...

::ART:: this series of drawings by Dan Slavinsky titled 'The Architectural Possibilities of a Threshold' are absolutely stunning.

Manual For Eternal Autumnal Micro-Climates: Re-Imagining Kyoto As The City Of A Thousand Autumns by Martin Tang Axonometric drawing

President’s Medals Student Awards are considered the most prestigious and long-lasting awards in architectural education in the world.

An Architecture Student's Visual and Philosophical Musings. It could be cut paper.

student sketch line represent travels of me and friends journeys. must intersected point do detailed etching. develop this outcome from the cut out maps and using ruler to imitate the lines

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