WW2 Rations for One Person in Britain, how slim we would all be if we stuck to this!  (These are the rationed foods, most people would grow their own vegatables) so veg would not be rationed, no eggs unless you had hens, just powdered egg. Some items were still rationed when I was born in the early 50s. Just think of all the choice we have now!

The Wartime Kitchen: Living of Rations with Ration Book Cooking - Day One

World War II weekly rations for one person in Britain. Most people grew their own vegetables. You were only allowed one fresh egg per week, unless you kept your own hens. Otherwise you were allowed one packet of powdered egg. Rationing continued until

England 1969 - London, King’s Road - double-decker and typical foggy weather

England 1969 - London, King’s Road - double-decker and typical foggy weather. King’s Road

Cheapside, London, England. 1890's

Rare color photograph of a London Street in 1900 (via London in end of the Victorian Era. )This is Cheapside in the city of London. Statue is Sir Robert Peel.

Another vintage photo of asylum nurses and their uniforms. Click on photo, and the posts below, for more vintage nurses in uniform.

Some Big Hairstyles in view along with bunches of keys.No clue as to location

Frederick Wilfred - London Street Photography 1950's & 60's

An Express Dairy milk float, Photo by Frederick James Wilfred, © Russell Wilfred / Museum of London

Free school milk...yuk ! It was always warm and sometimes even gone off...

Free school milk - the beardy guy in the background looks like every male teacher I ever had :