francesca buchko

Minneapolis-based designers and friend Lindsay Nohl, Francesca Buchko and Chris Hajny run the Daily Pattern Project where you can see their creativity come to life in amazing illustrated patterns and you can also participate in pattern contests.

Owl Tree wallpaper from Betsy Olmsted

American Made

Owl Tree wallpaper from Betsy Olmsted (I really dislike wallpaper but this is cute!

Vintage Bird Image Swallows on Line (blue)

Vintage Bird Images - Swallows on Line

Japanese manhole cover | Au Japon les plaques qui recouvrent les bouches d’égouts sont souvent décorées et peintes avec des motifs représentant une spécialité de la ville où elles sont installées ou rendent hommage aux personnels qui les utilisent | In Japan, these covers are sometimes decorated with images specific to the city or the people who use them

Des plaques d'égouts japonaises

Beautiful mosaic design for a manhole in the city of Kamakura, Japan