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Mexican textile artist Victoria Villasana, creates colourful embroidered patterns, over vintage photographs of artists, musicians and icons of present and

This embroidery infused work by Mexican artist Victoria Villasana is amazing. You may recognize her name because Victoria was a prolific street artist in London for a decade. Known for “her rebellious femininity and cross-cultural imagery

Juana Gómez 5

Anatomical Hand Embroidery, Juana Gomez Chilean artist Juana Gomez creates these absolutely stunning collages from faded photographs and colored yarn. [[MORE]]She starts by printing the black and.

More beautiful? The series raises questions about what modern beauty really means for each one of us 'We are fascinated by the power of media to influence people's identities.'

Photographers Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson have created a portrait series of people who appear to have had cosmetic surgery