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Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar Terrarium Terrariums are cheap to make, and they're a nice way to add some green to the home or even the office. Using a mason jar to store the plant arrangement is a nice twist on the traditional terrarium holders.

Spoon Garden Markers

DIY Recycled Spoon Garden Markers- WHAT? I was looking at Garden Markers at Palmers last week; now it's looking for a project to start, and this is calling my name. Thrift stores, and herb garden, here comes my coin collection.- gotta make these!

Flower Push Pins

Pretty Petals: DIY Flower Push Pins: Ditch boring push pins and upgrade to these colorful helpers that keep your bulletin board organized — and so pretty.

Cork Coaster

Piece corks together for a coaster that's perfect for any wine lover. Slice the corks in half vertically before mounting them on the base of the coaster. Source: Etsy user Danielle Johnson Note: On slate.

Paint Chip Calendar

Paint chips + poster frame = dry erase calendar to post students' assignments on! ***Warning*** The poster frame must be made of glass for the dry erase markers to write on it. Not as cost saving as it appears. Large glass frame do not come cheap.

Cork Place-Card Holder

Cork Place-Card Holder: Use one, two, or three corks to make unique place-card holders for special events like a dinner party or a wedding. Cut a slit in the cork if you're only using one. Tie it up with a ribbon, or stick a trinket on it to jazz it up.

Map Mini-Envelope

Map Mini-Envelope Make mini envelopes out of maps to store things like favors or after-dinner mints at a wedding. You can also use it to wrap a trinket as a gift to a friend or to place under a pillow when you're playing tooth fairy.