Wes Naman has taken the sticky office supply to a whole new level with his photography series "Scotch Tape."

Wes Naman is currently based in New Mexico and he has created this hilarious scotch tape series. Naman has stuck layers of tape all around peoples faces giving them rather odd and funny features. Prints are available on his online shop via his website.

Scotch taped portraits by Wes Naman

Scotch Tape Series - Wes Naman Photography - Chicquero Laugh Funny - 10 // Pinned by Oliver Semik Semik

Wes Naman. I like how the material used can alter someone's looks.

After “Scotch Tape Portraits“, photographer Wes Naman has created this twisted new series entitled “Rubber Band Portraits“.

Rubber Band Portraits by Wes Naman

After "Scotch Tape, twisted and deformed portraits with tape", here is the new personal project by photographer Wes Naman! With this new series entitled "Rubber

Rubber Band: New Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits by Wes Naman | Bored Panda

After his very famous series "scotch tape portraits", Wes Naman is back with a "rubber band portraits" series. The photographer

Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits by Wes Naman | Bored Panda

Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits by Wes Naman

When 10 People Wrap Faces in Scotch Tape! >> These absolutely stunning photographs were produced by Wes Naman. He originally attained the idea of this concept after watching his assistant, Joy Godfrey, apply a single piece of scotch tape to her face!

How much will that hurt to take off!? "Wes Naman has created portraits of his friends using rolls of Scotch Tape to distort their features"

Wes Naman's portraits of friends with Scotch Tape distorting their faces

Creative photo series by talented photographer Wes Naman features people with scotch taped faces.

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