use of colour to separate or highlight something in an image that may not have been obvious before.

This is very complex because of the cranes and the way they have almost moulded together into one image. I like the fact that there's use of colour to separate or highlight something in an image that may not have been obvious before.

Alexander Rodchenko  Hanging Spatial Construction no. 9 (Circle in a Circle), 1920-1921/1993  Plywood of peach-tree. 90 x 80 x 85 cm  Galerie Gmurzynska Zug

hanging Alexander Rodchenko was a Russian artist, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer. He was one of the founders of constructivism and Russian design; he was married to the artist Varvara Stepanova.

Kiev Soviet Architecture photography by ked-pled (LEGO Research A Level Architecture)

Visions of an Industrial Age // Kiev Soviet Architecture photography by ked-pled

george chakhava & zurab jalaghania: ministry of highways of (the soviet republic of) georgia | 1975

George Chakhava & Zurab Jalaghania, Ministry Of Highways Of The Soviet Republic Of Georgia, Brutalist Architecture

russian constructivism

Constructivism – Brett

Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg - 1929 construtivist movie poster for the film The Man With a Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov)

Russian Poster - Red

Cantor Center’s 'Revolutionary Tides' examines the language of political posters

Soviet poster, Let’s build a dirigible squadron in the name of Lenin!

Soviet brutalist architecture... or unseen Gerry and Sylvia Anderson pilot?

The Central Research and Design Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, St Petersburg, Russia. Found in Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed, by Frederic Chaubin

Tatlin's Tower. Vladimir Tatlin was a Russian & Soviet painter and architect. With Kazimir Malevich he was one of the two most important figures in the Russian avant-garde art movement of the 1920s, and he later became an important artist in the Constructivist movement. He is most famous for his design for The Monument to the Third International, more commonly known as Tatlin's Tower, which he began in 1919.

Monument to the Third International

Iakov Chernikhov, Constructivism

Iakov Chernikhov Picture on VisualizeUs - Bookmark pictures and videos that inspire you.

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