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Sophie Thatchet

Sophie Thatchet
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17 Differences Between Men And Women:

(This is going in quote because of George Carlin but can also be found in funny stuff.) 17 Differences Between Men And Women


Pretty much agree with previous pinner: "I don't care how this picture happened. I love it." Me: "Just Leonardo Dicaprio, Daniel Radcliffe and their pets." Not sure who is the cat owner; doesn't really matter.

Who broke the dog?

Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog cute animals dogs adorable dog puppy animal pets lol humor funny pictures funny animals funny pets funny dogs


Bad dog shame signs hahaha I can't handle the cuteness of the guilty faces

Llama vs. Alpaca - people don't realize how true this is.

the difference between llamas and alpacas. basically alpacas are friendly looking and llamas always look like they are judging you Ludtke-Thompson. Maybe Justin would let you have an Alpaca?