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Armenian Illustrator Completes His Cut-Out Dresses With Everyday Objects

sixpenceee: “ Armenian fashion illustrator Edgar Artis uses stylized paper cut outs and everyday objects to create beautiful dresses. His creative fashion sketches include such items as rose petals,.

Illustrator Creates New Fashion Cut-Outs to Turn Any Landscape into Clever Clothing Designs - My Modern Met- Jordan-based illustrator Shamekh Al-Bluwi continues to combine his love of architecture with fashion through his clever cut-out series.

Shamekh sketches his fashion illustrations on paper then meticulously cut out the form of the outfits crafted illustrations was created by Jordan-based illustratorShamekh Al-Bluwi

Replace the city with hogwarts castle and this would be perfect HP fan art

drawing idea, with a corrupt, damaged, war-ridden city behind it. "Behind the lense" Could also do with camera and Photoshop instead of glasses (Or with a forest landscape behind)