I loved writing with these

10 Color Pens - These were awesome! So many ink color choices all in one pen!

Usually in needlework class

It was cool to stick a pin through your skin.weird but true


Plasticine - I loved the way the colours stayed separate, unlike Playdoh, where everything combined to make a murky greeny-brown after a while.


favorite thing to get from the ice cream man! bubble gum ice cream with the gumball at the bottom!

I made these often

What’s my favorite color? All of ’em (34 photos)

How to make rainbow pom poms (tutorial) i have no idea how they stick together? ahhh i found a new hobby making pom poms!

Trebor Fruit Salads & Black Jacks

The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

Trebor Fruit Salads & Black Jacks used to be 4 for a penny at Yellows sweet shop on the corner !

The best toy I never had

Fisher Price Tree House - One of the first toys I remember. around 1980 I think! one of my FAVORITE toys Ever!


Mastermind Games for sale. Super Advanced Original, and 44 Master Mind Games from the Mastermind or Master Mind is a game for breaking.

seventies toy

Vintage Camera Fisher Price Toy 1973 I used mine with Special Needs Children.