Southend Vox

Southend Vox
Southend-on-Sea / We are a dynamic, captivating & modern choir that loves to entertain with an eclectic mix of songs, conducted by Katie Clifford. All welcome-no auditions!
Southend Vox
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The concept of an “open throat” when singing may be baffling for new and aspiring singers. Read more at:

"Open Throat" Singing Infographic (Random Fact: Your skull shape/size affects how you sing!

Stronger with music.

this needs to be up at all show choir competitions

i have been through l lot of drama thats mostly not even mine. i think i love acting because i have control. so i very much agree that all drama must remain on stage.

Sometimes, music is just in us.

Sometimes, music is just in us. My souls fingerprint- music.


He who sings scares away his woes.

You Brain on Music

Your Brain on Music: Changes that Occur - Dopamine release - Empathy - Healing

Music & the brain : What Happens When You Listen To Music?

Music And The Brain (Music Infographics)

Music Therapy | Alzheimer's | Dementia

This is about Music Therapy and Alzheimer's Infographic. I would say this is a very reputable source. It comes from American Music Therapy Association and at the bottom it lists all the doctors, psychologists, and scientist that made this.

High School Health Teacher : What's the Theme Song to Your Life??

I love having students think differently for "All About Me" activities, especially the older kids. This is perfect for middle school. Find a song, embed it on their website, find the lyrics, make a wordcloud.

Tongue twisters also help - especially when preparing for a very wordy song.

Three simple vocal warm up tips. Get more FREE professional advice to improve…