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Sowjanya Penugonda

Sowjanya Penugonda
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Baby's first year - senses and motor skills

Baby's First Year Infographic – Wondering how quickly baby’s senses and motor skills develop in his first twelve months? We teamed up with The Bump to clue you into what baby’s up to.

Bottle needs for babies (self pumped breast milk- also option of formula)

For T: Baby Formula Feeding Chart. Been looking for someting like this, with all the emphasis,on breast feeding these days, bottle feeding moms have no clue how different their babies will be. Less calls to the pediatrician in the first few days!

When a newborn baby is wailing, every second can feel like hours — which is perhaps why a new YouTube video demonstrating how to soothe upset infants in seconds has become a viral must-watch.

Please enjoy this very relaxing video of an experienced pediatrician chilling out a series of crying babies. He demonstrates "the hold" to calm down infants.

4 Helpful Parenting Tricks for New Moms and Dads

"Research shows children who receive massage are more alert, gain weight faster, sleep more soundly, and suffer less anxiety." (Source: Massage & Reflexology for Babies and Children -

Fruits To Eat While Breastfeeding - Green Papaya

Fruits To Eat While Breastfeeding - Green Papaya