Esparto Grass Animal Heads

This heads remind me Algarve and the portuguese designer Albio Nascimento

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Rachel Denny is an artist who is best known for her “Domestic Trophies” work – faux deer heads covered in cable knit sweaters. She created this penny covered horse head, entitled War Horse, this year, and it is an amazing piece.


Spectacular Three-Dimensional Polar Bear Sculpture

Three Dimensional Polar Bear Sculpture - Valencia, Spain-based artist Luciana Novo - look Jones

MOO wall lamp / Northern Lighting Moo Lamp / lighting / FunktionAlley

Co designed by Trond Svendgård and Ove Rogne for Northern Lighting, Moo is a full scale wall-mounted Norwegian light moose head. Moo can be used indoor or outdoor.


Toot Your Horn Porcelain Wall Vase - White, Dorm Decor, Statement, Quirky, Solid

Hand Carved Lime Wood Antlers

Hand Carved Lime Wood Antlers - ideal for wall with dark Lombok furniture and white walls.

Glam deer

Deer Head with dusty pink goldish Antlers

Thinking a little sparkle in the ears or antlers or somethimg not the creepy eyes 12 Sources for Faux Taxidermy Animal Heads

main image of Acrylic Trophy Deer Head

Love this animal friendly Deer head!) main image of Acrylic Trophy Deer Head

Faux Taxidermy Bull Head, Salvaged Metal Wall Sculpture, Antlers on Wood Trophy, Made to Order

Faux Taxidermy Bull Head, Salvaged Metal Wall Sculpture, Antlers Horns -- Made to Order, Great Plains Collection Longhorn by Dolan Geiman


Accessories: Branch Antlers by Luke Bartels

branch antlers - I need some for my deer head wall (in progress)

Kiyoshi Mino // Needle Felted Animals

Kiyoshi Mino // Needle Felted Animals: The Houseplant Sloth


Rachel Denny knitting madly - but the animals under the wool are beautiful already.

THE KNIT HEADS - Jessica Dance

Knitted taxidermy animal trophies by Jessica Dance

Impala Head (black) by Safari Fusion

Impala Head (black) by Safari Fusion

Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton.

Design Free Thursday // Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton

The brainchild of Royal College of Art student, Regan Appleton, Bicycle Taxidermy began as a pet side project when she created a couple of memento mori for her father’s once prized but long retired mountain and road bikes.


vintage fauxidermy - much much much better than the real taxidermy - from Sarah Moore Vintage