How to Spell Activities - I especially like the "Make your words vanish" on the chalkboard!

How to spell: top 10 tricks

spelling For this spelling activity the teacher writes a word on the chalkboard and the students write over it with a paint brush and water. This helps the students get familiar with spelling words and helps them practice writing them.

ABC Match up. I did this today, but first taught it whole group. Laid out about 12 letters on our area rug and each child closed their eyes and took turns picking out a letter from the letter tub. Then I was able to put this activity in a center and they loved it!

Literacy Center Idea: Lay out a complete alphabet with letter cards, then let kids sort letters to match. Use letter tiles from games, plastic/magnetic letters, by marsha

Self Portraits!

Making self portraits from loose parts. Translated from Dutch: "this was an introduction game, we made self portraits from loose parts and then we tried to guess who was who".

This is a perfect way to show the kids different types of writing!

This is a perfect way to show the kids different types of writing! (Also use as a reading response visual board.each comp key we learn and practice.anchor chart or example completed work can be placed on the board as a visual reminder for the kiddos)

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I'm having an aha moment. Hewitt came through our school, she recommended all teachers posting a poster outside the classroom door that identified the curriculum goals for children and adults ali

Wiggly eye wands for "keeping your eyes on the words" :)

wiggly eye wands for "keeping your eyes on the words" :) This helps children with reading at all grade levels, elementary, middle or high schoolers who are learning foreign language. Making these TODAY!

Library Displays: Reading is Out of this World...maybe with students' favorite books on the stars :)

Previous pinner said: "I love how this teacher designed a corner reading bulletin board display using a space theme and the title: "Reading Is Out Of This World!

Great Reggio Inspired Literacy Ideas for Kindergarten. Links to other blog posts with great documentation ideas

"We didn't want it to be so mixed up!" Co-created alphabet frieze made with found materials ("beautiful stuff"), collaboratively sorted by kindergarten class, basis for math & literacy inquiry project