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water photography with water balloon | Water-Balloons- Murder of a Pink Balloon

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tasse.jpg 400×600 пикс

The porcelain looks fragile without being cracked, but it being broken brings a further sense of vulnerability, especially since it's floating in the air as if frozen while falling to the ground to shatter even more.

Exploding Lightbulbs: High-Speed Photos by Jon Smith

Exploding Lightbulbs: High-Speed Photos by Jon Smith American photographer Jon Smith fills lightbulbs with colorful objects and liquids before causing them to explode and using high-speed photography to capture them as they burst into pieces.

BTEC Photography: EXPERIMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY : David Hockney Joiners

Here are two joiners I created using photoshop inspired by David Hockney. These photographs were taken from my classroom in colleg.

High speed photo of a stack of cards exploding

High-speed photography captures moment of impact. Photographer Alan Sailer created these dramatic images by blasting food and household objects.