Ian Murphy

reminds me of the work we did last year, layering paper and painting and then adding detail. Ian Murphy This piece of work is very detailed as illustrated through the painting. You can see the colour depth in the painting.

For Jordan: Ian Murphy Artist who looks at derelict buildings. 4 free galleries of drawings, paintings and sketchbooks, so find as many close-up images as possible.

Ian Murphy drawings - Venetian Scroll in Graphite, Mixed media, Oil Paint Code: Oil paint, mixed media & Graphite on paper x

original Paintings, etchings, Lithographs and signed prints by John Piper Wanted

John Egerton Christmas Piper CH December 1903 – 28 June was a English painter and printmaker.

✽   john piper - 'windsor castle'  -  ca 1951  -  mutualart.com

This artist combines elements of definition and smudging to focus the eyes of the viewer on the architectural subject.