Chris Lord; Photomontage, 2012, Assemblage / Collage "Walls and Towers"

Saatchi Online Artist - Chris Lord - Photomontage 2012 Assemblage Collage - "Walls And Towers"

Giacomo Costa_'Agglomerato n.2'_1997_C-Print, diasec on perspex

Giacomo Costa_'Agglomerato diasec on perspex Photography manipulation idea, collage or photoshop many of your own images or mix with secondary source.

The Spanish photographer Pep Ventosa is “blending together dozens of snapshots to create an abstraction of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen.”

Landmarks Layered into a Collective Memory

Pep Ventosa ~ The Collective Snapshot: Brooklyn Bridge (multiple photographs, merged)

Technicolour Towers - Sharon Elphick

Technicolour Towers - Sharon Elphick I like Eplhick's use of photography for the original imagery before she abstracts and appropriates it, similar to Nicholas Ballesteros' work.

Sharon Elphick. Blue Blocks

Sharon Elphick- artist, her inspiration is from cities that she had lived in. I like this piece because of how she layed out the images and made them connect to one another giving a sort of disorder looking effect.

Edge and Barrett Blog: Sharon Elphick

Untitled (Philadelphia) by Sharon Elphick As college is closed today please complete the work set out below: Research at least two conte.

Serge Mendzhiyskogo Collage Photography

black-tangled-heart: “ Photographer Serge Mendzhiyskogo doesn’t present just one photograph in his works, his are the result of hundreds of photos merged into one complex image. Serge Mendzhiyskogo’s.

"Kaleidoscope Buildings: Memento pt.2 series" | [Tank] by Christian Ruhm

"Kaleidoscope Buildings: Memento pt.2 series" | [Tank] by Christian Ruhm