An evening of sketching ideas for my Valentine’s shop update 🍒✏️💖✨
a tablet computer sitting on top of a desk next to a keyboard and mouse,
Sketching ideas for Christmas jumpers 🍄🌙🌿
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Doodles and illustrations for some branded packing tissue paper ✏️💖🪩
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a pink wallpaper with different items and symbols around it, including a globe on top
Pink hand drawn doodle for my Sprinkle Club branding ✏️🪩💖
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a bottle of gin and some lemons on a blue background with the words gin written in it
Gin Bottle Illustration
#gin #ginbottle #ginillustration #gindrink
a drawing of a pink pumpkin on a purple background
Pink Pumpkin Halloween Illustration
Pink pumpkin hand drawn halloween illustration. Drawn using Procreate and Apple Pencil.
two bananas and three slices of lemons on a pink background with stars around them
Pink Pop Art Banana Illustration
I love working with bright complementary colours that pop on and off the screen!
two lemons, one with green leaves and the other half sliced in half on a blue background
Summer Lemon Illustration
Summery and fresh lemon illustration.