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Like the colours and shelving idea

In a small room, a cabin bed offers tons of built-in storage beneath it. Install co-ordinating shelves above it, too. Southside cabin bed from Aspace.and the shelves overhead are great

62x26inches Airplane Airline Aeroplane ----Removable Graphic Art wall decals stickers home decor

Design: Airplane Airline Aeroplane----Removable Graphic Art wall decals stickers home decor Size: listing default size is approx 62 by

Crochet Cap, Crochet handmade beret, Toddler Girls, Beige camel, Red, Beautiful Warm Hat - Back to school, unisex kids hat Ready to ship

Crochet Cap Crochet handmade beret Toddler Girls Beige by NzLbags,

Christmas swirl cookies!

Red and White Sugar Cookie Pinwheels. They are stunning and sure to amaze anyone who is lucky enough to receive a few. They are also one of the most delicious cookies I've had the pleasure to taste. One of the best cookies ever

Mini Meatloaf 15 minutes in oven!

Make meatloaf in a muffin pan- it cooks in 15 minutes! (Thank you Rachel Ray). Then 'frost' them with mashed potatoes. I'd like to "skinny" up this recipe but I LOVE the idea of portion control in the muffin tin!