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the electronic device is plugged in and ready to be used
BD03 - Spy Camera Lens Detector : http://spy.eu/bug-detectors-spy-shops/81_BD03.html # Find all CCD and CMOS Camera lens. # Built in ultra light LED. # Dimension: 63x47x14 mm # Window view. # Built in 5 mode selector LED flashing frequency. # Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Run 5hours continuously. # Built in charger circuit and plug-in charger.
an electronic device with ear buds and wires attached to the back of it, on a white background
BD02 - Professional GSM Bug Detector : http://spy.eu/bug-detectors-spy-shops/84_BD02.html SPECIFICATIONS: Super sensitive as high as 10 LED indicators to determine signal strength Deffectively Detecting the bug position according to the signal strength of the instruction Wide Band 1 Mhz to 6.5 Ghz,Can detect GSM bug,wireless spy camera,GPS tracker,GPS and Cellphone jammer
an electronic device and charger on a white surface
Bugs Wireless Camera Scanner Detector : http://spy.eu/bug-detectors-spy-shops/91_BD05.html The compact designed frequency counter is a measuring instrument. Its easy to operate and reliable in quality. The frequency counter is for receive/scan and display fixed frequencies within 10mhz to 2600mhz. A frequency counter is applicable for count two way radios (walkie-talkie), UHF/VHF voice bug, wireless cameras and RF remote controls.
an old fashioned radio sitting next to a black case
Scanner for wireless cameras : http://spy.eu/bug-detectors-spy-shops/768_BD10.html Scanner for wireless cameras Scanner for wireless cameras Scanner for wireless cameras Scanner for wireless cameras Scanner for wireless cameras Scanner for wireless cameras Scanner for wireless cameras
the emergency light is set up with all its accessories including wires and plugged cords
GSM signal detector with an alarm and flashing lights : http://spy.eu/bug-detectors-spy-shops/691_BD08.html With this ma detector you can tell when someone is using a mobile phone.I it detects the presence of broadcasting in each of the four ranges used by the mobile operators - GSM, DCS, CDMA and 3G. Each of the bands has a smooth span using potentiometer. When someone tries to use the cell phone of one of the frequency bands this will trigger powerful sound and light alarm.
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Detector for hidden wireless cameras and listening devices : http://spy.eu/bug-detectors-spy-shops/79_BD04.html If you suspect that someone is watching you with this detector you can quickly and easily check whether this is the case. The device detects hidden cameras, audio bugs, GSM bugs, WIFI and other transceivers within the range 1MHz - 6GHz.
an electronic device with red buttons on the front and black back cover, sitting on a white surface
Detector for finding hidden cameras and bugs : http://spy.eu/bug-detectors-spy-shops/85_BD01.html This multifunctional device detects hidden cameras and other spy wireless devices. Detects RF signal with frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 6.5GHz. including GSM, WIFI, FM, VHF, UHF, 900/1200/2400 wireless audio and video signals.