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an image of a tool set up on a white table with wires and ear buds
Endoscope with video recording : http://spy.eu/endoscopes-spy-shops/740_E06.html This endoscope features a 3.5 inch monitor is able to record on microSD card. Video recordings are - 320x240, 640x480 or 1280x720 pixels and pictures are - 640x480, 1600x1200 and 2048x1536 pixels. The camera is waterproof with 8.2 mm in diameter and has built-in six bright LEDs for extra light. You can rely on the flashlight mounted on the handle.
the box is open and there are many wires attached to it, including an electronic device
Ultrathin endoscope : http://spy.eu/endoscopes-spy-shops/862_E10.html With this device you can watch inside the most inaccessible places. A very small 3.9 mm camera is placed at the end of a 1 meter long tip. To provide visibility in total darkness the endoscope is equipped with a bright LED.
the black cord is plugged into the charger
Waterproof Endoscope - 20 meters : http://spy.eu/endoscopes-spy-shops/832_E09.html at a great distance. Plug it in the USB port of your computer and watch the video on the screen with a resolution of 640x480 pixels.
a black and white photo of an electronic device with the word spf on it
Camera in a flexible tube with zoom : http://spy.eu/endoscopes-spy-shops/578_%D0%9504.html
an electronic device in a case on a table
Camera in metal flexible tube : http://spy.eu/endoscopes-spy-shops/523_%D0%9502.html Easy to use mini camera placed on top of a flexible metal tube. It allows you to find and pick up any items that had fallen on hard to reach areas. With built-in LED light you can check places in total darkness. The camera is waterproof with protection degree IP67.
an orange and black corded tool on a white surface
Mini camera in flexible tube and LCD monitor : http://spy.eu/endoscopes-spy-shops/58_%D0%9501.html With this device you can easily perform a visual inspection of hard to reach places. The flashlight and the extra accessories will help you quickly locate, diagnose and solve the issues.