Hunting cameras

Hunting cameras
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a hunting camera and remote control on a white background
MMS hunting camera : With this hunting camera you can send the captured frames as MMS. When in front of the camera lens there is motion generated by a human or animal the hyper sensitive passive infrared sensor will activate the camera and it will record a single frame in resolution up to 5MP or a video clip in VGA file format.
an image of a hunting camera and accessories
Hunting camera : This camera is suitable for filming birds and wildlife in their natural environment. Placed in colored camouflage airtight box and a belt than can be tied to a tree. Features:
an open box with a camera in it
12 MP hunting camera This camera is designed to capture the birds and animals in their natural environment. Protective coloration allows the camera to blend in with the surroundings and remain almost invisible. The built-in 54 infrared LEDs allow capturing objects in daylight and also at night.