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the rear view mirror of a car with an image of a tv on it's side
Parking camera with mirror-display With this system for reverse parking you will have a seven-inch display, which is integrated in the rear-view mirror. The display has two video inputs as the second input can be used for a second camera, DVD player or any other video source.
the electronic device is set up with all its accessories
Parktronic with a 7 cm display This parktronic will feel confident while you park your vehicle. It has four sensors, control module and a color display with size 7 cm. When parking you will be warned about obstacles at distance over 2 meters
an image of car rear view mirror with speedometer and leds on the side
Parktronic with color display : On the extremely thin display of this parktronic you will receive information about the side on which the obstacles are, sound and color indications for the distance in meters. In the kit you receive four sensors, control module and display.
the contents of a car are displayed on a white surface with wires and plugs
Parktronic – rear-view mirror : he rear-view mirror comes with convenient grips that allow attaching it to all types of regular mirrors. This way you will have a mirror where you will directly receive information on the parking process. It has four sensors which you have to position at some key points of the vehicle.