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a close up of an electronic device on a white surface with wires and plugs
Microphone for changing voice (modulator) http://spy.eu/voice-changers-spy-shops/625_D30.html With this microphone you can change your voice so that no one can know it is you. Plug the jack into your computer, provide power from the USB port and turn it on. After that you can choose from several modes for voice modulation by pressing a button.
the black cord is plugged into the wall charger
Hands-free changing voice http://spy.eu/voice-changers-spy-shops/624_D31.html Attaching this handsfree to your mobile phone you can call your friends and they will certainly not recognize you. The device has four modes of voice modulation, which are selected by pressing a button. Suitable for all phones with a 2.5mm jack.
an electronic device that is blue and has buttons on the front, with a red light at
Device for changing voice http://spy.eu/voice-changers-spy-shops/568_D22.html With this device, you can change the voice in several different modes. Use the buttons for selecting a mode and by using the potentiometer on the side of the device you can change the volume.