Fun ways to learn with counting bears - with free printables for kids ages 2-8

Math Activities with Counting Bears (for ages 2-8

I Have, Who Has ~ Alphabet Edition

I Have, Who Has ~ Alphabet Edition. I had to remember where I knew this game from - We gave it away as a Christmas gift to one of the classes in Japan!

Using building blocks to spell sight words plus a FREEBIE recording sheet on the blog.

Build a Sight Word (plus recording sheet)

This is a class favorite! Write sight words or CVC words on the blocks. Students build the words and use the FREE recording sheet to practice writing the words.

Teacher's Pet – Ideas & Inspiration for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) | Adding Fun

A fun way to encourage addition math skills with cups and paper towel or toilet paper rolls - students can build their own adding machine

Explore numbers 1-10 in many different ways. Preschool, pre-k, and special ed. - multi-sensory and differentiated

Number Sense Number Activity Mats & Playdough Mats 1-20

Explore numbers in many different ways. Preschool, pre-k, and special ed. - multi-sensory and differentiated We can create mats for teen numbers

Use old bottles and pom poms for simple counting and sorting maths games and motor skills fun! With lots of ways to play and learn, these are a great addition to the maths area at home or school.

Sort and Count Maths Bottles

Instead of numbers write the color word on the bottles. Sort pom-poms by color. Empty each bottle and count the pom-poms. Then record how many pom-poms were in each bottle. Add the two colors together for addition practice.

Cool ideas for a positive way to reinforce good work habits and behavior! I need to visit the dollar store!

I really like the quiet critters! I think I'll make them a bit bigger and students can have them on their desk when they are being quiet. If they become too loud, their quiet critter runs away.

Make and test Three Little Pig Houses

Three Little Pigs Activity

Fun Three Little Pigs Activity ideas. Build houses from different materials and test them to see how waterproof they are and how stable.

Quiet Critters

Quiet Critters will create a quiet classroom atmosphere during centers or reading time. This will allow the teacher to focus on her group instead of the other children. It keeps them accountable for their actions.