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a dog sitting in front of a window next to a yellow toy car on the floor
Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Stafford, Staffordshire
All Squirrel Lettings properties are fully dog friendly, with safe, enclosed gardens, and walking distance from dog friendly pubs and restaurants. Whether they're big, small, spotty, or fluffy, your dogs deserve a holiday too! Book DIRECT with Squirrel Lettings to get the best prices and the personal touch.
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Dog Friendly Walks In Stafford
Stafford is a haven for both humans and their furry companions. If you’re planning a dog-friendly getaway with Squirrel Lettings, get ready to explore some fantastic walks and pubs that welcome your four-legged friend with open paws (and maybe even a water bowl!). The best part? All these locations are conveniently situated near our cozy self-catering holiday cottages.
a dog sitting on top of a blue couch next to a yellow car and flowers
Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Stafford, Staffordshire
Does your dog deserve a holiday as much as you do? At Squirrel Lettings, we say YES! Our dog-friendly cottages in Stafford are the ideal spot for a getaway that the whole pack can enjoy. Book direct with the Squirrel Lettings team NOW for the best prices and the personal touch:
there is a dog sitting on the floor next to a table with chairs and a yellow toy car
Squirrel Lettings
All our properties are stylish, full of technology to make your stay easy, and completely dog friendly. Travel in style and comfort with your furry friends and have the best getaway possible with Squirrel Lettings! Don't forget to BOOK DIRECT for the best prices and the personal touch.
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Reasons To Book A Spring Break With Your Dog
Spring is springing, and the call of adventure is echoing in your pup’s wagging tail! We all know that feeling – itchy feet and a longing to escape the winter blues. This year, why not ditch the kennels and whisk your furry friend away on a dog-friendly self-catering break? Here at Squirrel Lettings, we have a wide selection of cosy cottages and pet-welcoming pads that are perfect for a springtime getaway with your canine companion. But why is Spring such a pawsome time for a self-catering dog holiday, you ask? Let’s sniff out the reasons!
garden villa with squirrel lettings
Family and Pet Friendly Getaways in Stafford, Staffordshire with Squirrel Lettings
Get ready for a Summer of family fun by booking a Summer getaway with Squirrel Lettings! All our properties have safe, enclosed gardens, perfect for children and pets, and plenty of games and toys provided. BOOK DIRECT for the best prices and personal touch, and come to Stafford this Summer.
a woman walking her dog on a leash in front of red flowers with the caption visit stafford with squirrel lettings self catering holiday
Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages Near Stafford Castle In Stafford, Staffordshire
Stafford is calling all history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts for your perfect getaway! Explore the magnificent Stafford Castle with your furry friend, and soak up the beauty of nature with a refreshing walk around the castle grounds, before taking a wander through the town and enjoying any of the numerous dog friendly pubs and restaurants. We welcome all dogs, any number and any size, so book your Stafford escape DIRECT with Squirrel Lettings today to get the prices and the personal touch.
a dog sitting on top of a couch next to a stuffed animal and toy car
Dog Friendly Self Catering Holiday Cottages in Stafford Staffordshire
Big or small, your dog deserves a holiday too! At Squirrel Lettings, we make sure our dog friendly, self catering cottages are ready and waiting for you and your four legged friends, no matter the number, no matter the size. Don't forget to BOOK DIRECT for the best prices and the personal touch.
three dogs sitting in front of a house with the words top reasons to take your dog on holiday
Top Reasons To Take Your Dog On Holiday
Picture this: warm sunshine, gentle breezes, breathtaking scenery – the perfect recipe for a relaxing holiday getaway. But something feels incomplete. Where’s your furry best friend? For many pet owners, the thought of leaving their beloved dog behind at a kennel while they enjoy a well-deserved break can be a major downer. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way! At Squirrel Lettings, we understand the deep bond between humans and their canine companions. That’s why all of our self-catering properties are proudly dog-friendly! This opens up a world of possibilities for a truly unforgettable holiday experience for you and your four-legged friend.
three dogs are sitting in front of a sign that says, book direct now for the best prices and the personal touch
Dog Friendly, Self Catering Holiday Getaways in Stafford, Staffordshire
Looking for a relaxing getaway in beautiful Staffordshire where your furry best friend can join the adventure? Look no further than Squirrel Lettings! We understand that pets are part of the family, and that’s why we offer a fantastic selection of dog-friendly self-catering properties. Here at Squirrel Lettings, all dogs, any size, and any number are welcome. Contact us when you book direct with how many dogs you’re bringing so we can make sure the property is ready to welcome them!
a black dog sitting in front of a living room filled with furniture and a yellow toy car
Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages from Squirrel Lettings in Stafford, Staffordshire
Whether you have big or small dogs, one or more dogs, all your furry friends are not only welcome, but celebrated at all Squirrel Lettings properties! Our dog safe enclosed gardens are the perfect space for them to play, and as Stafford is home to loads of beautiful dog walks and dog friendly pubs and restaurants, your pets can enjoy every aspect for your getaway. Don't forget to BOOK DIRECT for the best prices, and tell us all about the dogs you're bringing to stay.
a dog is sitting on the stairs with a toy car in front of it and an ad for squirrel barn
Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Stafford, Staffordshire
At Squirrel Lettings, we want your pets to feel as welcome as you do! Our beautiful dog-model Bumbles loves visiting, and in our fully enclosed gardens she is free to explore safely. Staffordshire is full of exciting dog walks and dog friendly pubs and restaurants, so you can all make the most of your getaway together. Just ask us for local recommendations! Remember to BOOK DIRECT for the best prices, and tell us all about your pet so we can make sure everything is ready for your furry friend.
a dog sitting on top of a piece of luggage with the caption what to pack when you take your dog on holiday
What To Pack When You Take Your Dog On Holiday
So, you’ve booked a charming self-catering cottage in the heart of England, and guess who’s getting a taste of country life too? Your furry best friend! Holidays are about breaking free from routines, and so is taking your dog with you, and if you book your break at a Squirrel Lettings property, you can feel relaxed because they’re all dog friendly with fully enclosed, dog safe gardens just waiting for your pet to explore. Watch them rediscover the joy of chasing butterflies or splashing in puddles. Their unbridled enthusiasm for life is a contagious reminder to slow down, appreciate the simple pleasures, and find joy in the little things. But before you hit the road, let’s ensure your four-legged co-pilot has everything they need for a pawsome adventure.
an aerial view of a backyard with blue flowers and a yellow car parked in the driveway
Castle View, dog friendly, family friendly, self catering holiday cottage in Stafford, Staffordshire
Like all Squirrel Lettings properties, Castle View has a fully contained, dog safe garden to make sure your travels with your furry friend are as stress free as possible. And with sleeping for up to 11 people, you can bring all the family along for the ride too! Don’t forget to book direct with us for the best prices and a personal touch!