My Soul

My Soul

Serena; 17, INFJ 4w5 so/sp/sx, Scottish, a dreamer, an artist and full time procrastinator.
My Soul
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That about sums it up.

My myers-briggs type? Even when people tell me to tell me about myself I have trouble. Unless the feelings overwhelm about something in particular. Then God help that person who has to listen. AMEN a

INFJ - Gift and Curse: Understanding Everyone's Opinions and Point of View

The Loka Institute - Making research, and science & technology responsive to democratically-decided social and environmental concerns

So, I fit in a little everywhere! | INFJ

Funny pictures about Not normal or nerdy enough. Oh, and cool pics about Not normal or nerdy enough. Also, Not normal or nerdy enough.

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Counselor/INFJ Often. Sides of their personalities that often puzzle even them.