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Animal Farm by George Orwell. A classic tale of power and corruption.

Animal Farm by George Orwell. A classic tale of power and corruption. Assigned for or grade English class. Told teacher I had already read it. Thought I was trying to make fun of him because class started to laugh. He made my favourite subject m

Poster on "Animal Farm" by George Orwell

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Ralph Steadman's "Animal Farm" Illustrations: animalfarm_steadman16.jpg

George Orwell’s Animal Farm Illustrated by Ralph Steadman. Wasn't sure whether to put this in books or art.

This is a quote by George Orwell in the book Animal Farm showing a Totalitarianism government. All the animals must respect the pigs. Some disappear and the pigs convince the animals they were bad or harmful to the farm. They do bad things that no one knows about and they cover them up.

"Bright will shine the fields of England, purer shall its water be, sweeter yet shall blow its breezes on the day that sets us free." From Animal Farm

Mexico Museum Exhibition Design

This atrium plays with design in an interactive way. I think that while this design may not be my style of something I would like to design, it is a good example of how you can create things to make an open space seem more intimate.

What if we encouraged kids to add pics into stories in this style (great for visual learners!)

Picture/object story wall if you took a fairytale or favorite bedtime story and made it part of a kid's room like a tiny library area or something this would be so cool

Philippe Malouin creates circular swing set with Caesarstone seats product interaction group interaction memorable event

London designer Philippe Malouin has used quartz surface material Caesarstone to form the seats of twelve swings arranged in a circle.