great gift-ornament for students to make for parents! @Jaclynn Williams, @Jan Witt, @Arod Worc

Reserved for Allison Johnson 2011 Grade 2 Crayon Keepsake School Photo Ornament

diy No-Sew Sock Snowman, this is absolutely wonderful, I am going to be making these for sure this year! They are exactly like the ones I got when I was little.

Learn how to make a sock snowman for easy holiday craft gift ideas. Maybe make sock snowballs for am indoor snowball fight.

How to make EASY & Fun Santa Stars. Red construction paper. Cut stars/diecut works. Make a circle for face. Sharpie for eyes, nose, boots. Cotton ball for beard and top of hat.

How to make santa stars

Super simple Santa craft for young children - Ive also done this with the tips of the stars and a glue belt dipped in silver glitter.

These Easter crafts for kids are the perfect addition to your holiday table. Minimize fighting over where to sit with these adorable crafts for Easter that kids can make.

Make Colorful Easter Placeholders and decide on your own where everyone's going to sit. These crafts for Easter for kids are extremely useful. These placeholders are great ideas for kids to stay busy in the hours leading up to Easter brunch.


toilet roll reindeer - happy hooligans - christmas crafts for kids - use construction paper instead of toilet paper rolls

10 Fun & Creative Valentines! Free printables, craft tutorials + more!

DIY Heart Crayon Valentine- Break up Crayons melt in heart shaped molds or pre-melt and pour in molds. attach to a Foam or Heavy Paper Cut-out and Write-on or Print-On Valentine message! "You Melt my Heart!", "You Color My World", etc.

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