Eduardo Souto de Moura Concursos 1979-2010 by Andre Campos and Pedro Guedes Oliveira

Eduardo Souto de Moura Concursos 1979-2010 by André Campos and Pedro Guedes Oliveira

OSB Wood drawers with type would look great in a studio/store. (via Eduardo Souto de Moura Concursos)


Wayfinding- Table tops out of MDF, with graphic elements. (image from NATO Summit Lisbon / Environmental 2010 – Lisboa, Portugal)


Saphera - For wayfinding, Could laser cut letters into materials? would use less material Wood in the landscape, environmental graphics, unique wood home decor, simple materials

Shumis Pizzeria / Studio Opa   "If the DNA of the design was American pop culture, then the flesh and skin were cheap, simple, available materials, which are close, and bring us closer to the nature of the location."

Shumis pizzeria by Studio OPA

Shumis Pizzeria is located in an industrial area of Rishon-Lezion, Israel, and was designed by Opa Studio. Interior design of the pizzeria combines budget-savvy

osb grid floors

**************************************Un parquet "nature" façon carrelage à base de dalles en OSB

Superheroes office in Amsterdam by Simon Bush-King Architecture and Urbanism

Superheroes office by Simon Bush-King with OSB furniture and wall art

Gallery of Superheroes Hideout / Simon Bush-King Architecture & Urbanism - 13

Stool by Christian Vivanco

NOTWASTE Eco-Friendly Furniture

Duplex House in Tokito by  Hidehiro Fukuda Architects

Built by Hidehiro Fukuda Architects in , Japan ''Duplex house in tokito'' held concurrently and planned the two-generation house and the atelier to a still resident.