STEAM Preschool Activity: Build Three Little Pigs houses, and see which one the wolf (hairdryer) can blow down!

This pin contains ideas for connecting STEAM to Fairy Tales. Enjoying singing, crafting and learning with your students while enjoying some favorite tales!

Whatever Next basket for acting out story

This will help children with communication as they will be able to listen to the story

Dear Zoo Story Time box

Dear Zoo Story Box

I saw another lady wrap each animal in brown paper which would be AWESOME as everybody loves opening packages!

These Five Currant Buns song resources and free printable giant pennies are great for little hands and for developing early numeracy skills.

Five Currant Buns Song Resources

Five Currant Buns (cupcakes) Song - Easy to make buns and free printable giant pennies. A super song for learning turn taking, sharing and early maths.