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an art work with red and black hair on top of a white paper sheet that is cut in half
Firelei Báez Paints Away the World’s Borders
Firelei Báez, “Fruta Fina, Fruta Estraña (Lee Monument)” (2022), oil and acrylic on archival printed canvas.
a large white sheet covering a tree in a field
Photographs of Outdoor Trees Framed by Giant White Canvases
Myoung Ho Lee
some white balloons floating in the air over a green field with a path leading to it
Towards Paradise (Venice Biennale 2008) — Gustafson Porter + Bowman
an old piece of cloth on the ground with a tag in it's middle
MoMA’s 'One Woman Show': Now, the Ballad of Yoko
MoMA’s ‘One Woman Show': Now, the Ballad of Yoko. Image: Yoko Ono’s “Painting to Be Stepped On” (1960/1961), installation view from the artist’s solo exhibition at AG Gallery, New York, summer 1961 (photo by George Maciunas, courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, © 2014 George Maciunas)
a painting of a woman with black hair
World Paintings
an oil painting of trees on a hill
Alexej von Jawlensky
an image of a painting with trees and houses in the backgrounnds
Alexej von Jawlensky. 1864 - 1941.
Arte en el Aula: Alexej von Jawlensky. 1864 - 1941.
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a wooden base
a drawing of rocks and dirt on a white background
Zoran Antonio Music | 1,912 Artworks | MutualArt
Artwork by Zoran Antonio Music, Rocky Landscape, Made of Watercolor on paper
a large concrete structure sitting on top of a lush green field
Eerie and otherworldly, the powerful story of the Spomeniks built in Josip Tito’s Yugoslavia is one that demands to be told...
The Flower Monument, commonly referred to as the Stone Flower
a person using a cell phone on top of a piece of paper that has been carved into it
Eberndorf, Austria
an old black and white photo of three people dressed up in long gowns, standing on snow covered ground
Art Before, During and After Yugoslavia
From Former Yugoslavia, art movements: "OHO Group, Mount Triglav (Three- headed mountain) happening, Zvedza Park, Ljubljana, December 1968."
the trees are covered in snow and have no leaves on them, but they're ready to be planted
tim knowles tree sketching
an image of the ocean that is green and blue with clouds in the sky above it
Gustav Klimt | Highlights | COLLECTION