easter art with carrots

Writing, painting and printing with carrots :: Easter crafts

Whiting with Carrots? Why Not? dip it in veggie dip onto black papper. Or a banana (dipped in pudding? (I haven't figured out how to use A's fav: Seaweed . Large letters though. lots of space for these fun ideas!

Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens from First Grade Fever! This would be great for teaching the different types of roots

First Grade Fever!: Lil Garden Cuties & a Freebie! To be used with the book Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens

Gardening in the water tray - from Rachel (",)

Indoor Garden

bright and colorful and great way to bring gardening into the classroom

Growing Carrot Tops- Sensory Plant Area

Growing Carrot Tops, used to reinforce an ongoing 'garden/growing' theme

Pumpkin seed collecting from Rachel (",)

Enjoying Autumn

What are the parts of the pumpkin? What do you think is inside? After washing and drying the seeds, put in Ziploc with liquid watercolor to dye them. You can them use them in pictures

Paula's Preschool and Kindergarten: V is for vegetables - and various other things.

V is for vegetables - and various other things.

Hands on learning ideas with vegetables: math, science, fine motor, cooking and more!

The Enormous Turnip EYFS Lesson Plan Ideas - the enormous turnip

EYFS The Enormous Turnip Lesson Plan and Enhancement Ideas - Use this fantastic resource to take the stress out of planning and inspire your Enormous Turnip themed lessons.

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