Roll & Cross Math Game

ROLL CROSS: What a fun and easy math game for kids of all ages! This is a perfect number recognition and counting game for toddlers and preschoolers. They will love playing with this homemade dice and racing to cross out the numbers!

A Place Called Kindergarten: this as a center for sorting shapes! (Could also make shape mats all white or black so the children are only using the shape without the color cues after they master it with colors)

Christmas Math Activities: They had to measure the gingerbread man first with peppermints then they had to compare their own height to the gingerbread man. Are they taller or shorter?

Coin sorting is a Montessori-Inspired sensorial activity. Exercises like sorting coins will help children develop and refine the senses as they sort money.

Tile Counting: Place the appropriate number of tiles in each row. (counting, number recognition, patterning, sorting) **Also popsicle stick color match

Fun with Numbers

Early number practice using buttons - students place the number of buttons below the numeral