The tormentor and the protector all in one!

Haha this sounds about right speaking on behalf someone who is an older and younger sibling. but i also do this to my older sister :)

I've been saying this everyday since my sisters were born and yet...The little is the one that tells me what to do :)

I was and now she's in Heaven and I'm hoping to meet her some day and I'll still be the big sister only this time I'll not only be older.I'll REALLY be the BIG sister

I love you Cam<3 and Whitney in Heaven. and Britania my sister from another :)

Sometimes being a sister is even better than being a princess. I love my sister and hope my girls could understand this

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Picture quote and saying image by Anonymous: There is no better friend than a sister. and there is no better sister than you. There is no Better Friend Than a Sister Quotes.

Somehow I think I'm actually the big, crazy one in this scenario :)

If you mess with the little sister, there is always a bigger crazier. I'm that bigger crazier sister

laughin'...laughin'...laughin'...I saw this...before I saw that you pinned it to me, and was getting ready to pin to you ;) LOVE YOU

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Sissy loves each of u ! No matter how much we fuss or fight that doesn't change the fact u are my sisters

@Patricia K. Bedoya  @Monica Forghani Lerma  Sister necklace

Brother and sister tattoo idea. But instead say "brother and sister we'll always be. A couple of nuts off the family tree"

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Sometimes being a SISTER is even better than being a PRINCESS - sign for little girl's bedroom.