Independent magazine covers of the year 2014

The best independent magazine covers of the year, as voted by fans on Instagram and Twitter
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a woman with painted face and words on her face, in front of an artistic background
January: Rooms magazine
a book that is sitting on top of a green table with a sticker in the middle
February: No Brainer magazine
a magazine with an image of a woman on it's front cover and the title, the gentlewoman
March: The Gentlewoman magazine
a purple book with an open mouth and words on it
April: Noble Rot magazine
an open book with different colored letters on the front and back cover, sitting on a green surface
May: Cabinet magazine
a book with an image of soccer players on the cover and colors written in black
June: Colors magazine
a pink book with the title honest blog on it
July: Honest Blog
a magazine cover with people walking in the sand on top of red paper that says make shift
August: Makeshift magazine
a person holding up a book with orange dots on it
September: Gratuitous Type magazine
a magazine with an image of some food on the front and back cover that reads mood
October: Mood magazine
a book with writing on it sitting on top of a yellow surface
November - Benji Knewman magazine
a magazine with an image of a person standing in the water
December - Future Perfect magazine