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a woman in an apron is picking leaves from a bush with the words read article below
Reap what you sow 🍅🥬
Saving money where you can is essential at the moment, so we asked the gardening experts to shed some light on growing your own produce.
two potted plants are sitting on a table in front of a stone wall with an arched window
Outdoor Style - Staffordshire Living
Make your garden impress with wilderness vibes this year 🧡 Check out our latest e-mag for more inspiration for your new look garden!
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a bed next to a cup and notebook
Interior Design – Home Office
Create a comfortable but practical home office with our tips and tricks around space, lighting, and furniture in our latest e-mag.
a living room with pink walls and furniture
Interior Design Tips
Has being stuck inside inspired you to want to redesign your home? Take a look at our E-Mag where we share some tips on how to create light and open interiors, whilst staying cosy and comfortable, the perfect style that you’ll love staying home for.
the cover of 5 simple ways to declutter the home by read article,
Tidy home, tidy mind. Is 2021 the year to transform your home? 🏠
Tidy home, tidy mind. Is 2021 the year to transform your home? 🏠 Making time to declutter the home can do wonders for your mental health. Start decluttering and organising your home and feeling better when you walk through the door with these top tips.
a red scarf with a house on it and the words how to make your home more efficient during the winter months
Home – Staffordshire Living
With temperature dropping, it’s time to wrap up warm, but let’s be smart about it. Here’s some top tips on how to make your home more efficient during the winter months.
a person holding a candle in their hands with the words autumn home diffuses and scented candles
Autumn home scents
Time to get your cosy on with one of these amazing scented candles and diffusers!
the top 10 interior design trends for 2020
2020 interior design trends
Time for a spring refresh? Find our top 10 interior design trends for 2020 online now!
an empty dining room with wooden floors and red walls
8 reasons why solid wood flooring is the time-honoured choice for your home
From its timeless appeal to its durability and style, here are 8 reasons why solid wood flooring is one of the best choices for home renovations
the shower head is gold in color
focal point: shower head This isn’t a room, but I was blown away by this amazing golden rain shower head. You immediately see how strong the gold stands out and your eye moves down the pole to the beautiful handles.
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and plants on the counter top in front of it
a kitchen with black cabinets and white marble counter tops, two pendant lights hanging from the ceiling
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a white desk with a mirror, stool and other items on it in front of a bed
Bedroom Makeover Reveal - Money Can Buy Lipstick #homedecor
an elegant kitchen with marble counter tops and black cabinetry, along with large round windows