Simon Carr

Simon Carr

Falmouth UK / Love tattoos, and getting tattoo'd, love rock music, and cider, and love life. Oh yeah, I am an above knee amputee as well!!!!!
Simon Carr
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the sickest CD I've ever heard and to me the best Slipknot Album ever.and if you try to borrow this from me you'll have to wait and bleed.

No Iron Maiden or Motorhead?

The Queen picking her nails as England's team came out during the opening ceremony.

Motorhead - No Remorse

Motorhead - No Remorse


Master of Puppets is the third studio album by the American thrash metal band Metallica. It was released on March 1986


Hatebreed,,,''Sweetheart, remember Tattoo the Earth at Redrocks and the T-shirt Natebreed? Pretty sure Nathan remembers :)

Machine Head - Locust

Machine Head - Unto The Locust: Special Edition is another of my favorite metal albums of the last year. Love this band!