Stara Papiernia Galeria

Papiernia kiedyś i gdzić
12 Pins
the inside of a building with glass walls and metal railings, looking out onto a parking lot
Budynek Atrium - pierwsze piętro
the stairs lead up to an open area with two potted plants on each side
Schody na pierwsze piętro - Budynek Atrium
the inside of a brick building with lots of windows and people walking around in it
Budynek A - przeszklony dach
the brick wall has three arched windows with pictures on them and hanging from it's sides
Wnętrze Atrium - budynku A
a person walking past a brick building with a green sign on it's side
Budynek B
cars are parked in front of an old brick building
people are sitting on benches in front of a building
Budynek B
a brick wall with a sign on it that says stara papienia in spanish
Ściana ceglana
there is a small bridge that goes over the river in front of a building with windows
Taras drewniany
a playground with an animal shaped play structure
Plac zabaw
an empty playground in the middle of a park
Plac zabaw
there is a bridge that goes over the water in front of some buildings and trees
Lato w Papierni