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an image of a man holding a baby in his lap and another person sitting on the ground next to him
Le Neuvième Art
Le Neuvième Art: Dessin pour la couverture de "Ice Crim’s...
a woman dressed as santa clause sitting in front of a record player
MTV tribute to Serge Clerc. Mercy christmas! ©Fabio Hot Stuff Redaelli 2014
an image of two people dressed in red and black standing next to each other with text above them
Clerc - Sing Sing Club Artist: Serge Clerc (Penciller)
an old fashion ad for pizza lugi featuring men and women
Affiches de bandes dessinées, cinéma, festivals BD, pixi, figurine ou statuette
a woman in a red shirt and black skirt standing next to a man with an umbrella
Mémoires de l'Espion, L'univers de Serge Clerc
a drawing of two people playing guitar and singing
an image of a man playing the guitar with people around him and text that reads, integrale rock dupuis
Intégrale Rock de Serge Clerc, un retour aux sources
two people walking in the snow near a building
the cover to rock'n'roll comics, with an image of two men in suits
an image of some cartoon characters playing guitar
Le Neuvième Art
a woman standing in front of a microphone on top of a stage with other people behind her
Le Neuvième Art
an image of two men playing guitars together
Mémoires de l'Espion, L'univers de Serge Clerc
Serge Clerc Dessinateur - Mémoires de l'Espion
an advertisement for rock and groupe with two men playing guitars in front of a red background
Expositions Serge Clerc aux Rencontres Chaland 2013, du 4 octobre au 3 novembre 2013
a drawing of two men standing in front of a building with pipes on the wall
Phil Perfect -4- Mémoires de l'espion